The Long Point World Biosphere Reserve Foundation stands to actively contribute to the conservation of local biodiversity, promotion of
 sustainable communities and businesses, partnership in research and monitoring projects, and facilitation of outreach and education programs. If you share these values or an interest in the Biosphere’s mission, we encourage you to join us!

Help sustain the Biosphere’s contributions to the natural wonders of the Long Point area and its growing sustainable community:

Become a Member

Members are dedicated to conserve the natural resources of the region, develop the economy in an environmentally sustainable way, support and preserve our cultural heritage, and minimize adverse impacts on the environment; thereby contributing to a healthy and positive Biosphere community. Members are encouraged to be involved in the Biosphere’s projects and programs as much as they wish.

Join our efforts and be more involved with the Long Point World Biosphere!

Become a Sponsor

The new sponsorship program has been designed to showcase businesses, and recognize organizations that are dedicated to values that parallel the Biosphere’s mission. Become a sponsor in our growing community of dedicated members who are proud to be part of the Biosphere.

Donate Now

Donate to the Biosphere’s cause and you will be directly contributing to the improvement and preservation of natural resources, Amazing Places, sustainable tourism opportunities, research and science advances, and the health of your community. When you donate online through Canada Helps, you will have the option to choose from a general donation, phragmites mitigation or in-memorium.